First used in Opthamology BOTOX was used to treat occular dysfuntion. Through the use of careful injection methods BOTOX has now been used safely for over 40 years to literally erase the signs of aging. More importantly, it can be used to prevent signs of aging. Many patients begin BOTOX treatments at the first sign of wrinkles developing as early in their 20’s. By using BOTOX as a preventative treatment MEN and WOMEN can maintain that youthful look. At Luxe Body Spa all BOTOX & Dermal filler injections are performed by our Licensed RN Shasta.


While BOTOX treats the wrinkles with facial movement. Dermal fillers, or collagen injections, treat the static wrinkles or the ones that are present whether we are moving our face or not. Areas commonly treated include the nasolabial folds, smile lines and the lips.

Following an extensive consultation for your Botox treatment with Shasta he will topically numb and inject the filler to sculpt the wrinkles away.

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