Get Rid Of Unsightly Hair

Throughout the years, there have been different hair removal techniques widely using by women all around the world. From shaving and using depilatory creams to threating, waxing, and laser hair removal – the truth is that there is something for everyone. But today we wanted to talk about a hair removal method that is beloved by millions of people around the world – laser hair removal!




The best way to get rid of unsightly hair


For those of you who are interested in a quick and inexpensive hair removal method, you should definitely try shaving. If you are prone to cutting yourself whenever you get close to a razor, perhaps it would be the best idea to try depilatory creams. Waxing is a great idea is you want a bit more long-lasting results.


But if you are scared of getting your skin damaged or you simply cannot stand the pain that you are about to go through while waxing your body, we highly recommend what the winner, in our opinion – laser hair removal is!


Laser hair removal explained

Laser hair removal is a new high-tech hair removal method that has been developed over the last few years. Like any other hair removal method, laser removal also does not offer permanent results; however, it does very well bring you the closest that you will ever get to any permanent results. Around 60% of the people aged 18 to 29 would want to get laser hair removal, while 82% of the women pursuing laser hair removal as a permanent hair removal method back in 2009.

What the laser removal does is using heat from the laser itself to damage the hair follicles within the skin, thus stopping the growth of new hairs over time. The laser removal method actually puts the hair follicles in a so-called state of dormancy for a long time, longer than it is achieved with any other hair removal method. Once the hairs do grow back, expect them to see appear lighter in color, finer, and fewer in number, which is the effect that every woman is dreaming of. Most people have reported a 90% permanent reduction in hair growth after getting laser hair removal treatments.

Laser hair removal can be used to remove hairs from any body area, including the chest, back, shoulders, neck, bikini zone, legs, arms, face, expect the skin area around the eyes. In the past, laser hair removal was only done by certified dermatologies and was known to cost quite a few hundred bucks. Nowadays, there are manufacturers that offer their versions of at-home-used lasers for the purposes of low-cost, effective hair removal.

At the dermatologist’s office, you will need to go through a few treatments, with the average number of treatments needed for effective hair removal is four. After going through the recommended laser hair removal treatments, you will be expected to visit your dermatologist’s office at least once or twice a year, according to your individual needs, to ensure that no further hair growth is happening.

The pros and cons of laser hair removal

Like with any other hair removal method, laser hair removal also has pros and cons that we need to discuss before you head off to schedule your first laser hair removal treatment.

  • Pros
    • Laser hair removal offers the best results regarding long-lasting and effective hair removal. Although it cannot achieve permanent hair growth, it can drastically reduce it, to the point that your hairs are almost invisible, and you can stop shaving once and for all.
    • Laser hair removal can be used on both small and large body areas. There is basically no limit as to where you can use laser hair removal to say goodbye to the annoying, unsightly hairs finally.
    • Laser hair removal is known to cause pain similar to either that caused by shaving, which if you manage to avoid cutting yourself, you know that there is no pain whatsoever, or to the pain caused by waxing. It really depends on you as an individual. So far, 11% of the individuals who have undergone laser hair removal have experienced no pain at all, with the majority of them experiencing only mild pain.
    • Laser hair removal is not time-consuming, and depending on which body area is treated, it can take up to a few minutes to an hour. Usually, big areas such as the back can take up to an hour, while smaller areas such as the armpits and the upper lip take less than a minute.
  • Cons
    • Laser hair removal is known to come with a great price, variating anywhere from $200-$400 per session.
    • It is a long process that requires around four treatments that are six weeks apart.
    • It is not for everybody. According to the Mayo Clinic, the best effects of laser hair removal can be seen among individuals with light skin tone and dark hair, whereas those with light-colored hair, such as blonde and grey, cannot expect a big change. The reason for that is because the laser targets the hair melanin, which is why even if some hairs’ growth is not stopped, they do appear lighter in color.


Of all hair removal methods that you can choose from, only laser hair removal can help you get rid of those unsightly, annoying hairs that keep growing and growing, no matter what you do. Providing long-lasting, great visible results, laser hair removal is truly the best hair removal method that you need to try today. Schedule your visit to the dermatologist office and enjoy showing up your smooth skin this summer.