How to Soften Your Facial Wrinkles


Wrinkles might be part of the natural aging process, but a lot of people feel that they experience this common sign of age at a premature age. With this in mind, these people often look for ways to soften or even eliminate facial wrinkles. 




Different strategies have been developed to assist with reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. While this often includes the implementation of a daily facial routine, along with the right products, Botox is often the preferred option for those with deeper wrinkles. 


Who has not heard about Botox these days? 


Once labeled as a rich-only procedure, Botox is present in more and more cosmetic clinics and spas. Hence, making it widely available, so more people can take advantage of its effects. However, the real effects of Botox are still unknown to some people. 

Besides, even though we are living in the twenty-first century, society still somehow judges women that use Botox. So, let’s bring down that stigma and solve your doubts about Botox!


What is Botox?


In a few words, Botox is a drug, which is made from a toxin segregated by the bacteria responsible for botulism. A life-threatening food poisoning condition. 


There is nothing to worry about, though. Toxin type A and B have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for cosmetic treatment, in 2002, and as part of treatment for other diseases. 


Botox effects are well documented by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Not only for cosmetic purposes, where it helps to soften wrinkles and expression lines. But as the treatment of other conditions such as overactive bladder and cervical dystonia as well.

But hey! Botox neither completely seal wrinkles nor permanently erase them. It is important to note that Botox’s effects are temporal. So you will need further treatments every now and then. 


Let’s see how Botox will make your face look smoother. 


How Does Botox Help with Wrinkles?


First of all, wrinkles are a natural sign of aging. Nobody can escape from them. Normally, the older you get, the more wrinkles your face will accuse. Additionally, certain habits such as smoking, or constant exposure to the sun reduce skin flexibility. Hence, causing more wrinkles. 


So why Botox helps to ease these lines? Well, the toxin which Botox is made of has a paralyzing effect. Don’t worry, because Doctors inject it locally, and in such small doses, that it only freezes the face muscles. Thus, soften the expression lines and wrinkles caused by their contraction.


This is especially helpful to ease wrinkles around your lips, eyes (Cow’s feet), and forehead (Lewis, Bowler,2009). But remember that Botox doesn’t permanently erase them, it is a temporary effect. However, your face will certainly look smoother and fresher after the session. 


Type of Wrinkles


Despite the common belief, Botox is not suitable to treat all kinds of expression lines, or at least not alone. Let’s learn a bit about Botox’s effectiveness. 


Dynamic Wrinkles: Muscle movement is responsible for the creation of this type of wrinkles. Therefore, because Botox freezes your face muscles, it is very effective to treat the wrinkles of this type. 


Static Wrinkles: Here, the aging process and other habits such as constant sun exposure are responsible. Because of them, your skin will lose its elasticity and flexibility. Preventing it from tightly fit your face silhouette. In this case, Botox alone is not enough to treat them. Some Doctor combines it with filler to soften these wrinkles. 


Botox Aftercare Steps 


Once a botox treatment has been performed, the person who utilized the therapy should ensure they know what they can do and what activities should be avoided. 


First of all, it is critical not to be physically active for the first 24 hours following the procedure. The site where the injections were made should also not be irritated – that means no touching the face constantly. In addition to these two, the person also needs to ensure they do not drink alcohol or any type of products that may cause the blood to become thinner – this could lead to a higher chance of bleeding. 


The face should be given a chance to recover from the procedure instead – and a facial routine should be implemented about 24 hours after the person has undergone the procedure. 


Bottom Line


As you can see, Botox is a great tool when it comes down to the treatment of what are called dynamic wrinkles. And it is neither harmful nor addictive like some people tend to say. 


Luxe Body Spa is equipped with professional providers that are trained in providing botox in a safe yet effective way. With this in mind, it means there is no need to worry about the potential side-effects and dangers associated with these treatments. The experts at Luxe Body Spa can also provide each customer with professional tips to help them overcome common signs of aging – even after the botox treatment has been provided.