Removing Unwanted Hair


Hair removal is a necessity for a significant number of people, providing a way of experiencing smooth skin. Even though women are most often found to prefer the use of hair removal procedures, these treatments are gaining in terms of popularity among the male population too. 




One of the major problems that people tend to face when they are looking at ways to remove unwanted hair on their bodies is that there are a variety of procedures that can be utilized. Each of these options comes with its own benefits, as well as potential drawbacks. 


We outline some common ways of removing unwanted hair on the body in this post and consider which of these might be more appropriate for specific individuals. 


Traditional Shaving Tools


Let’s start with one of the oldest ways that people used to get rid of unwanted hair – shaving. Shaving is generally considered a painless way of removing hair from the body – the idea behind shaving is to cut the hair off at the area where it erupts from the skin. This technique will not have an actual impact on the hair follicle itself, and hair tends to grow back relatively quickly when a person has chosen to shave off excess hair on their body. 


One of the most important disadvantages that come with shaving is the fact that it can lead to skin irritation. In addition to the possibility of experiencing skin irritation, it is also important to consider the fact that shaving puts a person at risk of ingrown hairs – this will not only lead to excessive irritation of the skin but can also cause the development of bumps that can become infected. 


Shaving also comes with the risk of cutting the skin, which can lead to bleeding and, in some cases, serious injuries. 


Hair Removal Lotions And Creams


Hair removal lotions, often referred to as depilatory creams, offer a person the ability to use a topical product to get rid of hair throughout the body effectively. There are different types of these products on the market. Some of these are able to assist in removing some of the tougher hair that may be present on the skin, whereas others are more appropriate for sensitive skin areas – such as when removing facial hair. 

Depilatory creams contain an active chemical agent known as a depilatory. This agent is able to break down the keratin bonds that are present in hair. The result is hair that can be removed from the skin easily – without much effort from the individual’s side. 

These creams are usually applied generously to the area of skin where hair needs to be removed. The cream will then be left on the skin for a while – each product does come with its own specific timing, which needs to be followed for effective results. 


There are certain potential disadvantages that come with the use of these creams. Some people may experience reactions to the ingredients that are used in a hair removal cream. This may lead to burning and itchiness, as well as skin that becomes red. Additionally, hair removal creams can sometimes also cause ingrown hairs to develop once the hair starts to grow again. 


Epilator Handheld Devices


An epilator is a handheld and portable device that acts similar to an electronic razor. This type of device is able to provide a smooth appearance and touch to the skin once hair has been removed. The idea of an epilator is to combine the functionality of an electric shaver and a pair of tweezers. 


A major benefit of using an epilator is the fact that the results tend to last for a more significant period of time compared to using depilatory creams, as well as when compared to the use of a more traditional shaving method. 


Laser Hair Removal


Another option that is becoming more popular is the use of lasers to assist in removing excess hair that is present on the body. Laser hair removal is a service that is now offered by a large number of beauty salons and even certain clinical facilities throughout the country. 


There are several benefits that come with the use of laser hair removal procedures. The effects of the procedure tend to last the longest when compared to other ways of removing unwanted hair on the body. There are, however, different types of laser hair removal procedures that can be utilized – some of them can even provide a way of removing hair over a long period of time. 

Intense pulsed light, along with laser, is usually combined in order to produce more effective results when a person wants to get rid of unwanted hair. These procedures are also generally considered safe. 




Several areas of the body are covered in hair. While some people will only experience slight hair growth in certain regions, there are cases where hair may be more dominating in specific areas of a person’s body. There are effective strategies that can help with the removal of this hair, but some of the options that are available do come with side-effects, such as allergic reactions and skin irritation. 

A free consultation with a professional at Luxe Body Spa will provide a person with an overview regarding the most effective strategies that could assist them in removing unwanted hair throughout their bodies. A customized hair removal plan may include laser therapies, along with other strategies, to remove the unwanted hair without causing damage or irritation to the person’s skin.